Atta de Tolk is a versatile artist.

He is a writer, a spoken word artist and a storyteller.

He had the honor to perform for numerous international clients, and he always makes sure it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

It is Atta’s mission to inspire everyone to focus on the core of their deepest ambitions.

Whether performing in a corporate or cultural setting, his intense and personal way of communication and presentation will guarantee to give you energy and focus on the right goals.

In this world of social bubbles, Atta takes it as his job to build bridges and unify people from different worlds. When it comes to his own art and level of quality, Atta is very demanding and delivers nothing less than a masterpiece.

Atta was born in Damascus, Syria in 1984 and fled to The Netherlands with his parents at a young age. He ended up in asylum seekers centers and refugee projects. After his parents divorced he went back and forth from his father’s deprived neighborhood to an upper middle class life with his mother. In both neighborhoods, he learned about differences between populations and social cultural spheres.
Ever since, he has expressed his observations through hip hop and spoken word. He became the voice of the people who never got a chance to express themselves. His art got recognized by many media-outlets, which resulted in a total of more than 3 million views online and performances on stages in front of an audience of tens of thousands.
Also, Atta started a youth talentcenter, focusing on the development of skills that help young people to become more self-confident, more positive and maybe even an performing artist. It lead to Atta being an adviser for different municipalities. He combined his life experience and his art to build bridges between organizations and the people.
Struggling with the stereotypes that go along with rappers, Atta became more comfortable with the art of Spoken Word. It worked like a therapy session, and Atta started to write about his personal struggles and ambitions, noticing that a lot of people appreciate it.
He found out that all people have certain topics, like pain and happiness, in common. And in a time where individualism is increasing, communication is more important than ever. After all, to express our identity, we need communication.
Storytelling is an ancient old way that keeps improving itself. Coming from a long line of storytellers, Atta found a new way by using Storytelling for companies, helping them to tell their story to the people, so people can identify themselves with the brand.
Atta gets his energy from people that told him that his art helped them overcome real struggles in their life. Therefore his purpose is to bring positive energy and make the world a better place, word by word.
“The only question that survives the hands of time: Is your existence one of a kind?” Atta de Tolk


Spoken word

Spoken word is a poem with hiphop elements. Atta de Tolk will be the ears of your event throughout the entire program. Atta can perform at an opening or during your event; but his one-of-a-kind expertise is doing wrap-ups. At the end of the event Atta presents a poem the attendees practically wrote themselves by taking part in the event. A phenomenal and unique recap none of the attendees will ever forget, that is guaranteed!



Storytelling unveils the mask and shows the face.
A sample of your identity for people to taste.
They say a picture says more than a thousand words.
But what if the words picture the vision you deserve?
“I have a dream”
“How dare you?”
Words can be used in a way you will never forget.
Let us find the words for you, you will be impressed.


Machiel Salomons

Executive Director of United Way the Netherlands.
“Never before have I met someone like Atta! A fast poet with a sharp mind who knows how to separate main issues from side issues in record time and with great talent knows how to win over every listener. This language artist has a lot to offer and will reach great hights!”

Hans Kennepohl

Program Director Debatecentre Arminius Rotterdam
“Atta de Tolk is a fantastic ending to any event. In his 'summaries', which are actually works of art, the word finds follow each other quickly, while at the same time he can also touch the emotional core of a congress. Book this man!”

Municipality of Amsterdam

Departement Director
“A very good collaboration with Atta de Tolk. A wonderful story to conclude our Integration Event.

Bart Romijn

Director of Partos, Brancheorganization voor NGO’s.
I am very impressed with how Atta can make a summary of the 20 presentations at our event, catch the energy and retransmit it to the group. I am very Inspired and energized by his Performance.






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