Atta de Tolk is a versatile artist. As a spoken word artist, he is the grand finale at numerous congresses. By providing all attendees a mixture of emotions, humor and inspiration and suprising perspectives, Atta de Tolk reminds people of the core (message). As a motivational speaker, he is a highly confronting, realistic and flammable. His personal life experiences, and different social environments fuel his ability to bring different worlds together.


Atta was born in Damascus, Syria in 1984 and fled to the Netherlands with his parents at a young age. He ended up in asylum seekers centers and refugee projects. After his parents divorced he lived in a deprived neighborhood with his father. In this neighborhood, he learned about differences between different populations and social cultural spheres. Ever since, he has expressed his observation through hip hop and spoken word. Atta de Tolk is an artist and speaker who manages to turn the core of every theme into a living piece of art.


With his ability to summarize while bringing humor and confrontation, Atta de Tolk succeeds in astonishing people time and again. As a client, you determine the ingredients for his performance, but you can also choose to let Atta de Tolk hold up a mirror to your organization. Either way, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed. Clients such as ING Bank, The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Oxfam Novib, Radio 1, The Municipality of Amsterdam, Amnesty International and McDonalds preceded you.

Atta’s has a wide variety of interests. Besides literature, music and poetry, Atta has a great passion for building bridges. Organizational initiatives that advocate equivalence, diversity, sustainability, development and innovation can count on his support. Atta wishes to use his talent to turn these themes into top-of-mind priorities amongst all the people that enjoy his art. The unique aspect of Atta’s talent is that he can tell any client’s story regardless of the field, theme or topic, which results in a wide variety of clients.

He uses his talent with words to inspire people and succeeds in this mission every single time.


Atta has an educational background in Social Work and community building. As a student he founded a youth talent center named OSSO and was later on appointed as Advisor and Cultural Entrepreneur for the municipalities of Dordrecht, Breda and Rotterdam. He published a book, Selfmade, about innovative ways in youth work. Atta hereafter became a board member and ambassador of the Netwerk Amsterdamse Helden (Network Heroes of Amsterdam). Ever since Atta has been doing everything in his power to bring talents and organizations together. Atta’s future aspirations are: taking spoken word to the next level internationally and turning storytelling into an essential part of the world.


Spoken word

The spoken word summary is poem with hip hop elements. Atta de Tolk will be the ears of your event throughout the entire program. At the end of the event Atta presents a poet the attendees practically wrote themselves by taking part in the event. A phenomenal and unique recap none of the attendees will ever forget is guaranteed.


Atta also performs introductions and intermezzo’s.



Storytelling Stories are the faces behind the face.
A sample of your identity for people to taste.
They say a picture says more than a thousand words
But what if the words picture the vision you deserve?

“I have a dream”
“How dare you?”
Words can be used in a way you will never forget.
Let us find the words for you, you will be impressed.


“Never before have I met someone like Atta! A fast poet with a sharp mind who knows how to separate main issues from side issues in record time and with great talent knows how to win over every listener. This language artist has a lot to offer and will reach great hights!”

Machiel Salomons

Executive Director of United Way the Netherlands.
“Atta de Tolk is a fantastic ending to any event. In his 'summaries', which are actually works of art, the word finds follow each other quickly, while at the same time he can also touch the emotional core of a congress. Book this man!”

Hans Kennepohl

Program Director Debatecentre Arminius Rotterdam
“A very good collaboration with Atta de Tolk. A wonderful story to conclude our Integration Event.

Municipality of Amsterdam

Departement Director
I am very impressed with how Atta can make a summary of the 20 presentations at our event, catch the energy and retransmit it to the group. I am very Inspired and energized by his Performance.

Bart Romijn

Director of Partos, Brancheorganization voor NGO’s.




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